Your Pool Can make a Splash…In More Ways Than One!

Your Pool Can make a Splash…In More Ways Than One!

It’s like taking a vacation in your own backyard! Swimming pools are ideal fun for those hot summer days. While the focus is on the water, take a look around and see what you can do to make its environment as attractive as the pool is. At PB’s Greenthumb, our professionals have the vision and the creative landscaping skills to turn your swimming area into a relaxing oasis.

Depending on the area you have to landscape, you can do several things to add appeal to the swimming pool area. Colorful stones leading to your pool are a great idea. You can get them specially designed to keep cooler and non-skid. This will allow you to get to the pool and back without burning your feet on those very hot days as well as protect you from falling.

A mixture of scenic rocks and colorful flowers are also a good option. Ornamental grasses can be low maintenance and visually striking near pools, such as sedges, rushes, and bamboo. Container gardens can be beautifully arranged with plants that have similar care needs. They can also be moved around, depending on the time of year, occasion, etc. If you have enough room, waterfalls make a wonderful addition to the swimming pool area.

Having your swimming pool landscaped will add an amazing appeal to your outdoor area. At PB’s Greenthumb, we specialize in all kinds of outdoor aesthetics and will transform your home into a showplace. We take pride in offering the highest quality workmanship and customer service. Call us today for more information or to get started on your landscape journey!

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